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How do you set up Gradebook so that co-teachers can both enter assignments and grades for the same course?

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Last updated: 03 Feb, 2016
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Select one of the teachers to be the primary “Gradebook/Rankbook” teacher and use Assign Teacher Access to give the other teacher access to that teacher’s Gradebook/Rankbook.

Two teachers scheduled to teach one course will both have their own Gradebook/Rankbook available. If each co-teacher uses their own Gradebook to enter assignments/grades, the assignments will not average together for Term and YTD Averages.  One teacher should be designated as the primary “Gradebook/Rankbook” teacher. This teacher will enter assignments and grades in their own Gradebook. The other teacher will be given access to this teacher’s Gradebook so that they can add assignments to the same Gradebook. This will allow all the assignments to appear in one Gradebook and calculate together for an accurate Term Average and YTD Average. The Weights screen should be set up in the primary teacher’s Gradebook.

Go to Security System > Assign Teacher Access


  • Primary “Gradebook/Rankbook” teacher = Doreen Anderson
  • Secondary teacher who needs access to primary teacher’s Gradebook = Greg Abbott.

Search for the “secondary” teacher and click on Gradebook/Rankbook.

Important! Confirm you are in the correct School.

Search for the “primary” teacher on the list of teachers.

Sync Version: Check off the access options you want to give the secondary teacher.

NOTE: iTeacher > Add/Modify Rankbook gives the user the ability to Edit Assignments and Submit Assignment Grades only. It does not allow the user access to the Weights set up by the primary teacher.

Greg Abbot will select the co-taught course and select Teacher = Anderson, Doreen when entering assignments and grades.

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