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Why is there a red exclamation point showing next to a grade on the Add/Modify Course Grades screen?

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Last updated: 20 Nov, 2015
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The red exclamation point is to alert you that the Grade submitted does not match the Rankbook Average. First, confirm that you have the correct Rankbook Average selected. For example, the Current YTD Rankbook Average will include assignments for all terms and will not match the Current Term Average/Grade. If it is determined that the grade in the selected Grade Heading column is NOT correct and that the Rankbook Average displayed to the left of the grade is correct, then the grade will need to be cleared out and the correct grade resubmitted.

To clear out the existing grade:

  • Put your cursor in the empty box at top to Grade Heading column and click Tab to clear the grade.

  • Say OK to changing default grades - this clears out all of the grades.

To submit the correct grade:

  • Click Submit (1st time) to pull in the Rankbook Average (make sure correct Rankbook Average is selected at top of screen - ie. Current Term). The Gradebook/Rankbook Current Term Avg will auto-populate the boxes in the open Grade Heading.
  • Click Submit AGAIN (2nd time) to Submit these new grades to the grading system to appear on the report card or progress report.

  • Run the Grade Verification report to confirm the correct grade is now showing for the student(s).

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