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Can I add medications, allergies and other items to the drop down menus?

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Last updated: 16 Dec, 2009
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Yes. Go to iHealth Maintenance and click on the tab that you need to add an item to the menu list. Add the item in the proper sort order by code and/or display order. Click on SUBMIT to record your changes

Maintain Allergy Codes

Code Description Life Threatening Treatment Display Order
A01 Almonds yes epi-pen 105
A02 Amoxicillin yes epi-pen 110
A03 Animal dander yes epi-pen 115
A04 Antibiotics yes epi-pen 120
A05 ASA yes epi-pen 125
B01 Bananas yes epi-pen 205
B02 Bee Stings yes epi-pen 210
B03 Blue dye yes epi-pen 215
B04 Butter yes epi-pen 220
C01 Carrots yes epi-pen 305
C02 Casein yes epi-pen 310
C03 Cashews yes epi-pen 315
C04 Cats yes epi-pen 320
C05 Cheese yes epi-pen 325
C06 Chickpeas yes epi-pen 330
C07 Celery - raw yes epi-pen 335

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