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Can I change the times that appear on the nurse's daily log?

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Last updated: 16 Dec, 2009
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Yes, go to iHealth Maintenance and click on the tab, Parameters to change the settings indicated below. Start and End time refer to morning and afternoon visit times. Recording intervals are for time in and time out for student nurse visits. Log display interval can be set to 10, 15 or even 30 minutes to shorten the length of the display and the actual times can be modified to the recording interval time when the student visit is being recorded.


Health System Configuration for Adams Middle School

Start Time: End Time:
Recording Interval: (In Minutes) Log Display Interval: (In Minutes)
Number of Rows to show when adding Multiple Rows:
Number of Visit Detail sections to show in a Nurse Visit:
Auto Lock Nurse Entry at Midnight: Frequency Nurse's Log Refreshes (seconds):
iHealth available for Staff:
Test type for Physicals:
Student Physician Profession:
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