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iPass Tip: Check Report Processors

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Last updated: 09 Oct, 2019
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Symptom:  Batch Reports stopped running over night
Issue:  Rogue Report Processors
Reason: This time a year, when everyone is running Mass Load Schedules and Requests, sending large amounts of data to the DOE, and running large reports and exports for different reasons, a Report Processor can "go rogue." 
This is when they show in the Operating System Processes (bottom of the Report Processor screen) but do not show above in Report Processes - Current Time (top of the Report Processors screen).
Solution: Stop all Report Processors and Start 1 new one, followed by 4 more new ones.
  1. Stop all Report Processors using Shut Down / Check All. Click Submit.
  2. Delete the reports showing in the Report Processes - Current Time (top of Report Processors screen) using Del / Check All. Click Submit.
  3. Check the bottom of the screen under Operating System Processes to see if there are any "Report" Type processes still showing as running. If yes, check off Stop and Click Submit to end the "rogue" Report Processor. (You may need to click Submit again to refresh the screen to get an accurate representation of what is currently running.)
  4. Then Start (only) 1 new Report Processor  *(This creates the Batch Report Processor that runs the scheduled Recurring Reports and has to be started first and by itself)
  5. Then Start 4 more Report Processors.
Any reports that are backlogged should begin to run at this point, including scheduled batch reports.
Check My Data > Remove Failed Reports to see if any old reports are showing under Reports in Running State. If there are any with an old Date/Time, select and click Submit to remove any that did not complete.
Suggestion: You should check the Report Processor often during these busy times.
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