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document All of the reports under My Reports come up with a ?? under the process date. How do I fix this?
Go to System Administration>Process Control. Start 5 new report processes and then shut down and delete the old ones.
29 Sep, 2010
document Camera Setup for iPass
Camera Setup for iPass
24 Feb, 2012
document Forgot Password or UserID - iPASS Configuration
iPass Database Administrators will need to set some parameters for this feature to activate a users ID upon request, set the number of tries and...
30 Aug, 2018
document Google Docs Help
Enabling Google Docs in iPass will allow users to upload files from their Google Drive accounts and store them within the iPass system. The...
01 Apr, 2015
document How do I configure my email setup so that teachers and administrators can use the email from Rankbook, Success Plans and Discipline systems?
Please contact IMG at 508-626-8682 and provide the technical staff with the following information:   ~Type of email server and...
29 Sep, 2010
document iPass Tip: Check Report Processors
Symptom:  Batch Reports stopped running over night Issue:  Rogue Report Processors Reason: This time a year,...
09 Oct, 2019
document Mailer Processor - Emailing Reports to Users When Report is Completed
Certain reports will generate the following message when submitted: The export report will only be mailed to the email address of the...
11 Jan, 2017
document Quick Guide: Liaison Field Option
Liaison Field In addition to the SPED Liaison field, an optional alternate Liaison field may be activated for use. When activated,...
19 Mar, 2019
document Report Processors not running
Batch Reports Stop Running Q.   How do I restart Report Processors to ensure my Batch Reports will run? A.    If...
14 Jan, 2015
document System Configuration Help
System Configuration Help
30 Jul, 2010
document What is the correct image size for student pictures for iPass so they have the best resolution?
The correct size is 85 x 115 pixels. Let your school photography company know before they render the image CD.
07 Aug, 2009