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Former English Language Learner Query

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Last updated: 01 May, 2019
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** NOTE: District must set up English Proficiency Codes for Former EL Students and set up User Defined Field for FEL Reclassification Date for this query to work for them. **

Refer to the Quick Guide: How to Monitor Former EL Students for details on how to set this up.

The Query is designed to run by Year and School and include the district's Former EL Student English Proficiently Codes and list Teacher and Courses in the English, Mathematics, Science and Social Students Departments.

The Report will have the following categories:

StudentID LASID SASID Last Name First Name MI D.O.B. Gradelevel FEL languageCode LanguageDescription School!Code School Name Title Name Course Sec Term Print!Name Email Address Room FEL Reclassification Date Department

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