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Entry Withdrawal Report With SASID Enrollment Reason Query

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Last updated: 07 May, 2018
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This query report replicates the Entry/Withdrawal Report (RTF format) with the student's SASID number and allows the report to be run for select entry/withdrawal codes.

Note: When executing this query you need to know the Entry/Withdrawal Codes (ie. R1/01 = Re-Enrolled). You can enter multipl codes separated by commas such as R1/01,R2/01.

Execute Query allows you to enter:

  • Start Date and End Date for the query
  • School Name
  • Entry/Withdrawal Codes (mulitple may be entered separated by comma)

The Report includes the following:

ID SASID Last Name First Name GL YOG Gender School Name Entry/Withdrawal Date Entry/Withdrawal Desc Enrollment Status DOE 11 DOE 12 DOE 13 Town Code City State Zip Code
1326 1093096113 (Name) (Name) 09 2021 M (School) 09/21/17 Enrolled from Public school in-state E 01 01 01 244 Randolph MA 02368
1028 1050500722 (Name) (Name) 12 2018 M (School) 08/29/17 Re-Enrolled - Same School E 01 01 01 244 Randolph MA 02368
1343 1061581411 (Name) (Name) 09 2021 M (School) 12/01/17 Re-Enrolled - Same School E 01 01 01 244 Randolph MA 02368

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