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Lead iPASS Support Contacts in Your District - Template

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Last updated: 15 Aug, 2018
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Identify Lead iPASS Support Contacts in Your District

** Spreadsheet template attached below. Use this to supply us with your contacts **

Districts identified as highly successful using iPass have selected lead support contacts within their district to be their staff go-to person for help. We recommend the following be identified at each school district:

  • iPass Administrator – This is the key point person for all iPass related issues. This person should have an understanding of all iPass systems available to the district. This person will be the main contact for Harris and the Support Team. This person will receive all iPass communication from Harris and should share all pertinent information to the other lead contacts in the district.

  • Lead Contact(s) for State Reporting – Each state report may have a different lead contact, but it is recommended that there be a top level contact knowledgeable in how all the state reports interact and how the SIF reporting process works.

  • Lead Contact for Scheduling – Typically this is Guidance Counselor or School Administrator.

  • Lead Contact for Transcripts, GPA and Grading – Typically this is a member of Guidance.

  • Lead Contact for Gradebook, Rankbook and iTeacher – This has to be a staff member that will have access to assume the ID of a teacher so that they can support Gradebook.

  • Lead Contact for Discipline – Typically a School Administrator.

  • Lead Secretary – Someone that understands the process of Enrollment, Attendance, Report Cards, etc.

  • Lead Nurse for iHealth (if used in the school district)

  • Lead Contact for School Rush (if used by your district)

  • Lead Contact for EZSchoolEnroll (if used by your district)

  • Lead Contact for you call notification system (specify application)

  • Tech Director

  • Superintendent

  • Principal at each school

At the start of each new school year we would like you to identify the key iPass support contacts in your district. We want to make sure all of these contacts are on our weekly Wednesday Wisdom email distribution list so that they receive important news and information about iPass.

Please submit an eSupport ticket and attach a spreadsheet or document with the up-to-date contact information. Please use the template attached below as a guide to supply the details. Let us know if this staff member should have the privilege to submit eSupport tickets.

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