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Low Income & Lunch Status Security Option

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Last updated: 13 Apr, 2016
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A new security option has been added to the “Manage - Users” page.  This new option titled “Can View and Update Low Income and Lunch Status” allows Administrators the ability to give access to the free and reduced lunch fields to specific users. *(This feature is available in the sync version of iPASS only. Previous versions do not have this option.)

Go to Security System > Manage - Users > search for user.

Click on user's name and scroll down to the Extra Security Options section.

Check the box to give the user access to the free and reduced lunch fields.

The user, depending on their User Type privileges, with then be able to add/modify or view the free and reduced lunch fields in Student Biographical.

Student Biographical > Confidential screen:

PA or MA DOE Data screen:

NOTE: If the box is NOT checked off these fields will be hidden from view on both these screens.

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