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Publishing Dashboard

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Last updated: 25 Mar, 2015
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The iPass Publishing Dashboard allows schools to electronically distribute documents directly to iPass users.  Schools may publish to Parents, Students, and/or Staff.  For example, instead of printing report cards and mailing them home, schools may choose to electronically publish these official documents to parents through iParent and to students through iStudent.  Other iPass users such as teachers and administrators may also have access to a Student View Only screen and be able to view the published document.

  • Report Cards, Competency Reports, Progress Reports, Transcripts – The published PDF file is electronically distributed to specific students using the Student ID.  These forms may be published securely to individuals with iPass accounts and be viewed or downloaded in their My Documents tab.
  • Monthly Newsletters, Letters, Other Documents – Schools can upload and publish files that are not student specific. Files that have been uploaded in the Publishing Dashboard may be distributed electronically to iParent, iStudent, and/or any iPass user with Student View Only Access.  Document types supported for file upload are doc, rtf, pdf, csv, html, .txt, xls.
  • Notify Recipients – Send an email to recipients of the published document to let them know that there is something new in their My Documents folder.
  • Publishing Reports & Graphs – A report is available of recipients that have received published documents along with graphical displays based on how many recipients (i.e. Parents) have viewed or not viewed a specific published document such as a report card or progress report.

Full documentation available in the attached PDF file.

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