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document How do I un-publish Report Cards?
The Publishing Dashboard has the ability to “Undo Publishing.” After a Report Card (or other document) has been published, you have the...
30 Nov, 2015
document Is there a way to notify iParent users that a Report Card has been published?
Yes. The Publishing Dashboard provides a way to send email to all recipients of the published document. After the Report Cards (or any other...
30 Nov, 2015
document One of my users contacted me to reactivate their account. How do I do that?
Go to Security>Manage Users and find the person. Halfway down the screen, reset Active NO to YES. If they need to reset their password, you can do...
04 Aug, 2009
document We are a Gmail site, why is it that some users send emails that do not make it out to the email list?
This can be for two reasons: The user name and password for Gmail is either not set up or does not match what is entered on the user’s...
12 Oct, 2017
document Where can I find queries that have all ready been written? Can I download them myself?
Go to the My Queries folder and opent the Query Files for Download folder and review the instructions on how to download queries to...
19 Apr, 2011
document Where do I find the reports that I've created?
Click on MY Data> My Reports. The reports are available in My Reports in a variety of file formats. Click on the link to launch the file.
24 Jul, 2009