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Patch Release Notes - February Release (7.0.20170223_sync)

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Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017
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Patch Release 7.0.20170223_sync went out on Febuary 23, 2017.

** For full details please refer to the Release Notes attached below. **

Summary of Release Items:

Jira #




ENHANCEMENT: Online Course Recommendations now offers the ability to set up the Recommendation Configuration by Grade Level. This allows sites to restrict the settings by grade level so they can open and close Online Course Recommendations at different times for different students. The selection of Departments, Number of Electives, Sign Off Message, and the Recommendation Settings can be configured differently for individual grade levels. Refer to the Enhancement section in the Release Notes for more detail.



PARAMETER LOCATION CHANGE: The Online Course Recommendation configuration parameter for "Default Unapproved Parents/Students/Teachers recommendations to Approved" (Yes/No) has been removed from Maintenance - Scheduling > Recommendation Configuration and moved to the System Configuration > Parameter Maintenance > Application = TEAM and Parameter Group = Scheduling.  This district-wide parameter Default = Yes. This will maintain the parameter setting to the recommended default of Yes unless determined in special circumstances it should be set to No.


ENHANCEMENT: A Guardian CORI Check (Yes/No) and Date of Last CORI Check fields have been added to the Personal Information section of the Guardian Record. A Guardian CORI Date report has been added to the Biographical System > Reports - Biographical. Refer to the Enhancement section in the Release Notes for more detail.



IMPROVEMENT: The Drop/Add Report "Date" column has been updated to reflect "Date/Time" the course was added or dropped. The addition of the time stamp will help identify the sequence of Drop/Add events on a particular date.



IMPROVEMENT: A new report parameter checkbox has been added to the Clever export for "use School State Code". When selected the School ID will be the School Code and State Code together. When not selected, the School ID will be the current School Code.  Also added is a filter for using SASID or LASID for a student. The Clever export has been updated for the 2016-2017 school year. Refer to the Enhancement section in the Release Notes for more detail.


IMPROVEMENT: Teachers can now select previous and future years in My Courses > Gradebook view. This is closing a Gap between iTeacher > Add/Modify Rankbook and My Courses > Gradebook.



IMPORTANT CORRECTION: Teachers can now see in the Gradebook class roster a RED # after the name of any student that dropped the course during terms the student was scheduled into the course. Refer to the Improvements and Corrections section of the Release Notes for more detail.

1574334, 1569596


IMPROVEMENT: When Drop/Restore feature is used to drop a course, the "Enter Period Attendance" class roster will no longer include a student who has dropped the course effective as of the course "Drop Date" (indicated on the Drop/Add Report). The Total student count at the bottom of the Enter Period Attendance will accurately reflect the number of students in the class as of that date and will no longer include "dropped" students in the count. Refer to the Improvements and Corrections section of the Release Notes for more detail.

1574334, 1569596


UPDATE: The CRDC v2 Civil Rights reporting tool is now updated for 2015-2016 Civil Rights Data Collection report requirements. For more information on the CRDC v2 reporting tools available in iPass go to iPass Help > DOE ID Manager > Help > CRDC v2. For details on the 2015-2016 report changes go to Federal CRDC site: https://crdc.grads360.org/#communities/pdc/documents/9937

IP-3362, IP-3325

UPDATE: The DOE added a new Offense Code 19 - "Felony Complaint (charge) Outside of School" for the 2015-2016 SSDR report. The SIF Agent > SIF Data Mapping > 1049 - Incident Code now has a selection for MA19 - Felony Compliant (charge) Outside School. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the iPass district to add Offense Code 19 as an Incident Code under Discipline System > Maintenance - Discipline > Incidents. Then the code will need to be mapped. For more information on how to do the SIF Mapping go to iPass Help > SIF > Help > SIF Mapping Recommendations - SSDR Offense and Disciplinary Action Codes.


UPDATE: The DOE has discontinued the ERDX (Extra Suspension Days) field for the 2016-2017 SSDR Report. This field will no longer be included in the DisciplineIncident SIF Object. NOTE: The field is still available on the student Behavior record screen. We are working to transition this off the screen. The field is still included in the Legacy MA Discipline export file and should be reported with a null value.


Auto Attendance Letters - The Auto Attendance Letters report “Select School” included students for just that school when generating the letters to be included in the report.



Auto Attendance Letters - The letters duplicated parent names and addresses. This has been resolved and the letters now use the student's associated Student Address and "Parent Name" when creating the letter.

1553194, 1553743


Auto Attendance Letters - The Summary Page identified the incorrect User who ran the letters and the count of letter recipients was doubled. This has been resolved.

IP-3296, IP-3316

When you click the Print Icon in Chrome the Gradebook Progress Reports will now open up in Print Preview so they can be printed.



The Clever export is now exporting correct student email addresses. The Clever export was locked on student records and repeated the same email for several records.



The Clever export will now use the Guardian Permission for "Export this guardian's information to third-party products"= Yes. Including a guardian in the export will no longer be dependent upon the Guardian Permission for "Does this guardian live with the student" so that custodial/non-custodial guardians that do not live with the student can be included in the export.



Clever Export course name now includes the course number and section in additional to the period the course meets (if applicable) to identify the course as unique.



Course Rollover with Schedules = No will rollover Courses with the Couse Details was not rolling over Sections and Max Seats on some sites. This has been resolved. NOTE Best Practice: It is recommended that you always do the initial Course Rollover with Schedules = Yes even if you plan to build your own schedule or completely change the schedule. Once you roll it over with the schedule you can use the MSB Options to save a version "with" the schedule and then you can Clear the Schedule and save a version "without the schedule". That way you ways have a version you can revert to in the event you want to us some or all of your previous year schedule. If you do the Course Rollover with Schedules = No and decide that you actually want the schedule you can do the Course Rollover again with Roll Schedule = Yes and Override if Exists = No. This combination will rollover what is missing and not update what has already been rolled over. It is important to follow these steps if your district has already started the Online Course Recommendation process. If in doubt of what to do, contact iPass Support for assistance.



When uploading files for DOE Import, Test Score Import, Grade Import, or Adding Queries there was a message that stopped you if you had met a limit of files that can be uploaded. This has been resolved.



The School Term selection box for the Gradebook/Rankbook Progress Report parameter screen has been enlarged to show all available terms for section.


IP-3301, IP-3324

Gradebook - My Courses > Submit Course Grades - Copying grades for Mid Terms and Finals from an assignment grade into the column for the iPass Grades by clicking the copy button at the top of the column was not working and displaying a "?. This has been resolved. 


Some sites found the MSB was having issues scheduling courses when multiple courses were checked off. This has been resolved.


Online Course Recommendations - Course Search filters now allow Guidance Counselors access to all courses. The filters for Course Name, Course ID, Grade Level and Department will filter the courses displayed.


Online Course Recommendations - The Guidance Counselor Recommendation screen (Modify Schedules > Student Recommendations) was analyzed for issues and all were fixed for adding a course, adding a comment, and approving the recommendation.


Online Course Recommendations - The iParent recommendation screen was analyzed for issues and all were fixed for adding a course, adding a comment, and approving the recommendation.


Online Course Recommendations - The iStudent Recommendation screen was analyzed for issues and all were fixed for adding a course, adding a comment, and approving the recommendation.


Online Course Recommendations - The Teacher recommendation screen was analyzed for issues and all were fixed for adding a course, adding a comment, and approving the recommendation.


Online Course Recommendations - When the course being recommended can be recommended by two different departments (Science and Social Studies for example) if the two teachers from different departments were recommending the same course, the recommendation would disappear. This has been resolved.


SSDR - SIF Send Objects for DiscplineIncident was not working for some sites.  This is resolved. RECOMMENDATION: Use Send Objects to send the SSDR through SIF again.


When they click on a Staff ID link it now generates a PDF.



The Student ID report is now generating Student ID cards for multi-student selection by School, Homeroom, Grade Level, or a string of multiple Student ID numbers.



Student Schedules - iParent and iStudent Schedule view was displaying courses during unscheduled terms on the student schedule. These courses were adjusted by de-selecting terms to remove a student from a course (versus Drop/Restore). This has been resolved.

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