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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20150203 or 7.0.20150203r

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Last updated: 03 Mar, 2015
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Latest Patch Information - 7.0.20150203  or 7.0.20150203r

The patch that went out Tuesday Feb 3, 2015 contained a fix for the CRDC to add in some of the missing fields on the non-iPass Schools screen.  The following fields that were missing have been added:

Teacher Absenteeism   SCH_FTETEACH_ABSENT

Salary Expenditures for K-12 instructional staff   SCH_SAL_INSTR_WOFED

Salary Expenditures for K-12 total personnel   SCH_SAL_TOTPERS_WOFED

Full-time Equivalency Count and Salary Amount for Teachers   SCH_FTE_TEACH_WOFED

Salary Expenditures for Teachers   SCH_SAL_TEACH_WOFED

Amount of Non-Personnel Expenditures Associated with Activities Funded with State and Local Fund   SCH_NPE_WOFED

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