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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20200120_sync

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Last updated: 21 Jan, 2020
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A patch release went out on January 20, 2020.  Version 7.0.20200120_sync.

** Refer to attached Release Notes. **

This patch release included the following:

  • EPIMS  StaffSectionAssignment Object: The AssignmentEndDate field is now getting the End Date from Course Catalog > Course Section Add Dates screen.
  • StudentSectionMarks Object is now sending correct marks in all situations.
  • iStudent > iStudent Bio is now displaying only All Lockers/ Combos when there are more than one assigned.
  • Master Schedule (Matrix) Report (rpscasmastschedm.html) is now including all scheduled courses in all situations.
  • Student Schedules Block/Period Labels: Print Student Schedules is now using the Block/Period Title Parameter Value settings in System Configuration > Parameter Maintenance > Team/Scheduling to label the Students Schedules. Note: Individual Schools can set their own Block/Period Titles by selecting the School Profile Sequence number in Parameters Maintenance > Application instead of selecting Team. ** See  Release Notes for more information.
  • Scheduling System > Course Catalog > Course Section > Add Dates screen (tchrcousedates.html): The teacher’s Assignment Start Date now defaults to the date the teacher is added to the section/class. Best Practice: Click into the Add Dates screen to confirm or modify the Assignment Start Date to match the teacher’s actual start date.
  • New User ID added to all iPass sites. A Script was run to add a new iPass Support Team member, Frances Stewart. Note: All iPass Support Team members are set to Is Nurse = Yes so that they can provide support for the iHealth module.
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