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Webex - iPass User Group Meeting (January 2020) - News & Updates / Get Ready for Scheduling

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Last updated: 04 Feb, 2020
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User Group Meeting - January 8, 2020

Below please find the link to the webex recording from the January 2020 User Group Meeting.

>> Click here to view the recording >> USER GROUP RECORDING

News & Updates: 

  • Patch Release (v. 7.0.20200108_sync) going out tonight.
  • Scheduling Success Services Options – Free 'Get Ready for Scheduling', Webinar, Training, Personalized Coaching
  • Budget Letter / Letter of Intent
  • Harris Education Solutions Applications – Special Bundling Price Opportunity
    • EdInsight
    • eWalk
  • Prepare for March/EOY State Reporting

Featured Topic: Get Ready for Scheduling *(Begins 19:30 minutes into recording)

  • Create new Academic Year for 2020-2021 (entire district)
  • Assign Next Year’s School to Students (Mass Update Students)
    • Online Recommendations require Next Year Grade Level be set – Mass Update Students
  • Set up Academic Year Settings
  • Roll Course Catalog
    • Roll Schedule = Yes ; Roll MSB Teacher/Room = Yes
  • Save “rolled over” schedule with Master Schedule Builder Option
    • MSB Clear / Restore Options available
    • Courses must be set to User with MSB = Yes
  • Define Schedule Rotation
  • Online Recommendation Set up
  • Set up Teachers, Parents and Students to not see Next Year’s Schedules as you build them
  • Entering Requests
  • Run Reports to check on Requests

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