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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20200108_sync

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Last updated: 09 Jan, 2020
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A patch release went out on January 8, 2020.  Version 7.0.20200108_sync.

** Refer to attached Release Notes. **

This patch release included the following:

  • Improvements were made for overall speed and performance issues.
  • Improvements were made to stop the Mass Load Schedules and Requests from locking up the system  (casmascourse.html). NOTE: Locked record errors will show up in the report that is made when you run Mass Load Schedules and Requests. These students did not get scheduled during the run.
  • Improvements were made for system performance issues that were causing several "busy agent" Webspeed errors that required system restarts.
  • Improvements were made to the Staff Data Batch Entry screen load time (hrsbatchentry.html).
  • Changed index on View Nurse Visits to Improve Speed and Performance.
  • Enhancement: The ConnectEd Export now has an option to include the DOE034 Special Education code at the end of ConnectEd Export file. NOTE: The ConnectEd Parameters must be set to select the DOE034 code option.
  • View Only Rankbook Progress Reports (brwsturbprogress.html), iStudent Rankbook Progress Reports (samprogressrpt.html) and iParent Rankbook Progress Reports (pamprogressrpt.html) now initialize default Term to current term.
  • Transfer Grades - Term Grade, Comments and Narratives are now being removed from Dropped courses at school using multi-terms.
  • There is no longer an Error generated when trying to change a User ID and there is no longer an issue with the process finishing.
  • Add/Modify Narrative screen (tchrenternar.html) is now allowing the default grade to be used.
  • Discipline record (disupdate.html) Email Incident to Student’s Counselor and Teachers = Yes is no longer showing teachers of Dropped courses.
  • Advanced Export Report (rptexportadv.p) DOE039 field is now working.
  • Teacher Schedule Report is no longer making a runaway process filling disk space.
  • iHealth Visit Detail Screen (hthvisitdtl.html) is no longer making an Error attempting to push run-time parameters on the stack
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