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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20190401_sync

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2019
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A patch release went out on April 4, 2019 with the following minor improvements and corrections.

** Refer to the attached document for full release notes. **

Minor Improvements:

  • Grade Import, used mostly with the 3rd Party product GradeQuick, can now import files from an external sFTP site.  
  • The ConnectEd Parameters now allows districts the ability to choose a Misc Field to use as Home Language. 
  • The Maintain Parking Spaces screen has been added to the Vehicle System to allow each school to maintain a list of all available parking spaces with a Parking Space number, Description and Handicap designation (Yes/No). 

Corrections have been made to the following. (Refer to Release Notes for specifics.)

  • Copying Alpha or Special Grades (ie. EX) from Gradebook to Add/Modify Course Grades.
  • iParent Registration screen.
  • Display of published documents.
  • Clever Export for multi-district sites
  • CRDC 504 enrollment counts 
  • CRDC AP Other enrollment counts
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