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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20190225_sync

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Last updated: 26 Feb, 2019
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A patch release went out on February 25, 2019.

This patch release included several updates and corrections.

** Refer to the attached Release Notes. **

Patch Release Highlights:

  • Updates for 2017-2018 CRDC Collection
  • SIF SSDR DisciplineIncident Object now includes Description of Offense Type # for iPass Incident codes mapped to SIF Offense of 1897 (Other nonsexual harassment), 2797 (Other school threat), 3197 (Other theft), 3297 (Other threat), 3597 (other vandalism) and 3600 (Violation of School Rules). Action Required: If you are receiving Error SSDR4570: If Optional Description Code selected for Offense 1, a description is required, use Delete SIF Temp Table to clear the DisciplineIncident Object and then use Send SIF Objects to send all of the DisciplineIncident Objects for your district or use SIF Reporting > SSDR to send for specific schools or student SASIDs to clear the errors.

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file Release Notes iPass 7 020190225_sync.pdf (682 kb)

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