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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20181127_sync

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Last updated: 30 Nov, 2018
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A patch release went out on September 29, 2018.

The patch release included updates for SIF SSDR transmission and corrections for several other issues.


  • SIF SSDR Update - DisciplineIncident object updated to export new values for AlternativeEducation element.
  • SIF SSDR Update – The Alternative Education Type field has been updated to include the 2018-2019 code values of 0-11. (Refer to DESE SSDR Handbook for more information on new codes. Link: http://www.doe.mass.edu/infoservices/data/ssdr.html) 
NOTE: The SY2019 SSDR SIF transmission requires reporting the appropriate Alternative Education Provided or Not Provided code in the Alternative Education Type field. 
ACTION REQUIRED: Users are to make adjustments to Discipline records and resend SIF objects. 
(1) Selections made in the Alternative Education Not Provided field need to be made in the updated Alternative Education Type field. iPass will continue to display the Alternative Education Not Provided field so that users can identify which selection should now be made in the Alternative Education Type field.
(2) After step 1 above is completed, use Delete SIF Temp Table to clear the DisciplineIncident Objects and use SIF - Send Objects to send updated DisciplineIncident Objects to DESE.
  • SIF SSDR Update - SIF Data Mapping table updated to include the Alternative Education Type Codes for 2018-2019 SSDR Report (Values 0-11). 
  • Study Hall Scheduler is now scheduling students into open blocks in terms where courses have been "Dropped".
  • "Dropped" courses will no longer appear on Schedule Summary > Print Schedule - Period Schedule and - Mod Schedule view, iStudent Schedule view, and iStudent Print Schedule view.
  • Scheduling > Modify Schedules > Transfer Grades feature will now transfer Comments from "Dropped" course to "Added" course.
  • iTeacher > Add/Modify Rankbook view will now display the red hash tag indicator (#) for students that "Dropped" the course during the term.
  • My Courses > Gradebook > Autofill Grades will now fill in grades for scheduled students only. Students that "Dropped" the course during the term will not receive a grade for the assignment.
  • The Grade Verification Report will now include Mini-Term Grades.
  • Administration > Admin View Assignments will now display Teacher, Course ID, and Assignments once for each course scheduled to the teacher.
  • Google Chrome Users - Grade entry error message for Competency grade values not allowed will now close when clicking OK and allow the user to continue entering grades.
  • Email from Navigational Toolbar will list only teachers for student's scheduled courses during the current term. Teachers for "Dropped" courses will not be listed.
  • iStudent > Schedule  (samschedule.html) correctly defaults to current term.
** Refer to attached PDF document for more information. **
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