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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180911_sync

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2018
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A patch release when out on September 12, 2018.


This patch release provided updates for the changes for SIMS 2018-2019 State Reporting.

  • New fields added for: DOE028 Seal of Biliteracy and the DOE047 - DOE049 Industry Recognized Credentials (CTE). 
  • DOE045 and DOE046 HQCP fields and DOE050 Childhood Education Experience fields are already in iPass and will now be sent in SIMS transmission. 
  • Previously retired fields of DOE028, DOE041, DOE047-DOE051 that are now repurposed are now marked OBSOLETE on the DOE ID Manager > DOE Fields screen to keep them from displaying on the MA DOE screen.
    • DOE047, DOE048, DOE049, and DOE050 will be sent in the StudentPersonal Object. Clear SIF Temp Table/Send Object.
    • DOE028, DOE045 and DOE046 will be sent in the StudentSchoolEnrollment Object. Clear SIF Temp Table/Send Object.
    • ADD new code value of 05 - Transitional Biligual Education to DOE026: English Language Education Program Status. (Reference DESE SIMS Handbook for DOE026 details.) Go to Biographical System > Maintenance - Biographical > English Language Learners Program Status > Add Status Code, Description, State Code. 
    • UPDATE discontinued codes for DOE Field "Technical Competency Attainment" (DOE031). Go to DOE ID Manager > Maintenance - DOE > Fields > scroll to very bottom to Technical Competency Attainment field ** (DO NOT RENAME THIS FIELD) ** and add "Do Not Use" or "Discontinued" to the Description for codes 02-07, 12-14. Leave 01-Completed Chapter 74 Program, 11-Completed Non-Chapter 74 Program and, 500-Does not apply codes alone since these are still active codes. (Reference DESE SIMS Handbook for DOE031 details.)


Student Schedules HTML not page breaking between students. This has been fixed.
2018-2019 State Reporting Changes: New DOE028 Seal of Biliteracy field and code options have been added. Field is available on the MA DOE screen and is only needed when students graduate. Default SIF value sent = No.
2018-2019 State Reporting Changes: Add SealOfBiliteracy, HQCPType, and HQCPParticipation to SIF StudentSchoolEnrollment Object. 
2018-2019 State Reporting Changes: New DOE047, DOE048, and DOE049 Industry Recognized Credential fields have been added. Fields are available on the Career/Tech Ed and MA DOE screens. Default SIF value sent = 500 Does Not Apply. 
2018-2019 State Reporting Changes: Add EarlyChildhoodExperience and IndustryRecognizedCredentials to SIF StudentPersonal Object.
2018-2019 Reporting Changes: Commas in the field descriptions for new DOE047, DOE048, and DOE049 and older field DOE046 have been changed to spaces so that the DOE Mass Update selections pick lists will not break at commas.
2018-2019 Reporting Changes: The old previously discontinued DOE fields of DOE045 (Number of In-School Suspensions), DOE046 (Number of Out-of-School suspensions), and DOE047-DOE051 (AP Course Names) have been set to OBSOLETE in DOE ID Manager > DOE Fields to remove them from the Student's MA DOE screen.
iParent Configuration > Apply Changes Immediately is now working for Guardian Update Info screen (pamUpdGuardian.html).

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