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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180619_sync

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Last updated: 20 Jun, 2018
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A patch release went out on June 19, 2018 (v. 7.0.20180619_sync).


  • The Gradebook interface now has an Export to CSV option to save Gradebook data to an Excel file like the legacy Add/Modify Rankbook interface. 
  • Start of 2018-2019 SIF changes: DOE050 Early Childhool Education Experience field added to begin data collection for 2018-2019 SIMS Data Collection. (This field will not be included in 2017-2018 SIMS Data Collection.)
  • Future year Course IDs and student rosters were visible in Gradebook and Rankbook views when District Configuration Schedules to View = Current & Prior. This has been corrected. Only staff with Assign Teacher Access = Future Teacher/Student Schedules will have access to future year selection and viewing options with District Configuration is set to only show current and prior schedules.
  • When future year was selection and no course selection, Gradebook was displaying a student roster in red. This has been corrected. Students are no longer visible in future year when District Configuration is set to show current and prior schedules. 
  • View Only Access > View Grades and View Rankbook Progress Report allowed user to select future year and see Course IDs and teachers. This has been corrected. When the District Configuration is set to show current and prior schedules, the future year is not available for selection.
  • iHealth: Staff Visit > List Visit History > Visit > Staff Visit record displays student's name. This has been corrected.
  • The SIF Object of SIFStudentsectionEnrollment will now set a course to Completed (SCS08 Course Enrollment Status = 03) when Final Grade is entered.

** Refer to the attached Relase Notes for more information. **

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