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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180523_sync

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Last updated: 30 May, 2018
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A patch release went out on May 23, 2018.

** Refer to attached PDF document. **

The patch included the following improvements and minor corrections:

Add a Year-to-Date GPA field on the PCL Report Card.
iStaff Career Screen was not displaying the correct descriptions for Steps and Levels . This has been fixed.
SAML > MA DOE Single Sign On Role 490 Head of Organization was being passed as School Level and not District Level. This is fixed.
iPass > updemployee.html > was not saving when submit is selected. This is fixed.
PIMS: iPass > PIMS Report > new Student report > Career Standards Benchmarks Indicator field added.
SIMS: Services Only Students were being reported with Title 1 DOE020 feeding off of the School Wide Title One indicator. This is fixed.
SIF SSDR: Some "Other" Offenses were not sending the MAOffenseOther in the SIF XML to provide required Description. This is fixed.
PIMS: District Safe School field 4 template had had word ZERO added.
Gradebook: Student Category Average may include non-existent assignment points when previous average type has ignored or blank grade. This is fixed.
Changes made to SIF Staff Assignment XML to send correct elements for SIF Job Type = 2310 Teacher Support Content NO COURSES. ** ACTION REQUIRED - Updated SIF EPIMS data will need to be sent to clear errors with 2310 Support Content Teachers with no scheduled courses. Refer to iPass Help > SIF > Help > Quick Guide: SIF EPIMS 2310 Support Content Teacher NO COURSES.

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