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Patch Release Notes - 7.20180418_sync

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Last updated: 19 Apr, 2018
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A patch release went out on April 18, 2018 with the following corrections:

  • Teacher's Grading System > Add/Modify Course Grades (grdinputgradesclass.html) is now indicating Dropped and Withdrawn students with red hash tag indicator (#).
  • Dropped courses are now excluded from PCL Progress Reports, Reports Cards and Transcripts if there are no Grades.
  • iStaff Attendance screen is no longer displaying Exited employees.
  • The Enter Daily Attendance (attstuselect.html) will no longer allow attendance to be entered for a non-school day if the date is changed to a Saturday or Sundayby accident just prior to Submit.
  • iTeacher/My Courses > Seating Chart (tchrseatingchart.html) no longer has an error for overlapping images after you resize the images.
  • When a user has Security System > Manage Users > Extra Security Option checked off to allow "Can enter grades for closed terms" they are now able to enter grades for closed terms.

** Refer to the attached Release Notes for more information. **

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