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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180306_sync

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Last updated: 14 Mar, 2018
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A patch release went out on March 7, 2018.

** Refer to the final Release Notes document attached below. **


Enhancements & Minor Improvements:

  • SIF SSDR - Is now able to send a large count of "Nameless" victims without having to create a record for each victim. This would be used in cases where there was a school threat you can now put in for example 100  or more students and 50 or more  staff. (Release Notes explains how to use this feature.)


  • SIF SIMS - The StudentPersonal Object was sending a YES for 504 when a student was set to the DOE039 code of  02 - Student was on a 504 plan earlier this school year, but is not currently on a 504 plan. Action Required: The SIMS Report available after freezing data will show a 504 Plan # greater than the number of current active 504 Plan students (DOE039 = 01). If you know you have some students set to DOE039 = 02, confirm you have the updated version, clear the SIF Temp Table for StudentPersonal and resend the StudentPersonal Object. To confirm the data sent to the DESE was updated for individual SASIDS: check DESE SIF Reports > SIF Transmission Reports > District Reports > SIMS - Individual SIMS Record report > SASID of student with DOE039 = 02 > StudentPersonal Object will indicate the student as DOE039 504 Plan Status = Yes. Click on Display XML to see the student’s StudentPersonal XML, which should indicate No and <”MAFormerSection504”>Yes. This confirms the student is reported as DOE039 = 02. To check the entire transmission: download the SIMS Transmission file from the Security Portal and check the number of DOE039 = 01 and DOE039 = 02.
  • SIF SIMS - The StudentSchoolEnrollment Object was sending a student as School Wide Title One (DOE020 = 01, Title One Participation = School-wide) if they had a TRF record moving from a Title One school in your district to another school in your district that was not Title One. Action Required: If you have an error on a student in a non-Title One school having a Title One Participation code (DOE020 = 01) and their DOE020 code is correctly set in iPass to 00 - Not Title One, you should clear the StudentSchoolEnrollment Object and resend the StudentSchoolEnrollment Object if you have many of these or use SIF Reporting to send one SASID at a time to clear the errors.
  • SIF EPIMS - The StaffEvaluation Object is no longer sending more than one record per Staff person. This was released to last year's SIF EPIMS sites.  We are including this now to make sure all sites have this fix.
  • Scheduling > Recommendations - You can now select previous year on the student's Recommendation screen even if student does not have Primary School/Year record for Recommendation Configuration (Current) year.
  • Teachers are now able to enter Recommendations for student in multiple classes from different departments.
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