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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180223_sync (Final)

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Last updated: 27 Feb, 2018
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A patch release went out on February 23, 2018 with a variety of updates.

** Please refer to the full Release Notes attached below. **


  • IMPROVEMENT: Grading System > Reports – Grading > Grades Not Entered report and Grade Verification Report will now indicate dropped students. The report header will show the Total number of Scheduled students with No Grades and the Total number of Dropped students with No Grades (ie. Total: 18  Total: 18 Scheduled-No Grades: 0 Dropped-No Grades: 0).
  • NEW: SIF Student Personal Object Strip out Suffix from last name when sending the object. Action Required: You will need to clear the SIF Temp Table and resent the StudentPersonal object for the entire district. (iPass Support may have already done this for you after the update was put on your site.)
  • NEW: DOE ID Manager > Export for SASIDs now has Suffix added when run for State = MA.
  • NEW: DOE ID Manager > SASID Import now has Suffix in it to match the form the DOE sends back when State = MA.
  • Google Translate is now available for Grade Comments in iParent and iStudent.
  • For NEW SIF EPIMS sites: SIF EPIMS StaffSectionAssignment and Staff Evaluation Object now go to SIF Processor.
  • For NEW SIF EPIMS sites: SIF  EPIMS Sent Staff Assignment is now including SR38 StaffBeginnerEducatorIdentifier. Previously released to all current SIF sites, update made to all iPass sites in preparation for SIF.
  • Mass Update Students > Assign HR from Schedules no longer assigning Homeroom based on a dropped course.
  • Add/Modify Discipline Screen. The Consequences and Date Detail Boxes now show in all circumstances.
  • PIMS Staff / Staff Snapshot is now correctly reporting Start and End Dates for terminated staff.
  • PIMS Staff / Staff Snapshot is now correctly calculating Years Experience in District (Field 43).
  • PIMS Staff Assignment now returns correctly for staff with multiple assignments.
  • Adding Additional Victim(s) – Additional student(s) involved in incident is now showing the correct Offender/Victim indicator.
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