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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180215_sync

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Last updated: 20 Feb, 2018
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Patch Release Notes - Version 7.0.20180215_sync

*** See full Release Notes attached below. ***


IP-3151 iHealth Medication On-Hand is now counting down correctly and the reorder message is now showing up when needed.
IP-3256 Published Report Cards are viewable by only guardians with rights to receive.
IP-3277, IP-3683 Add-On Camera image is now being  captured correctly.
IP-3657 Horizontal Averaging is now not calculated for dropped course sections unless all Term Grades are present at the time.
IP-3668 With the addition of 1 Copy per Lives With Flag setting = Yes the Report Cards are now publishing to all iParent accounts with rights to receive correctly.
IP-3693 The eSPEd Export (rptstuespedexport.p) now has Apartment field for all Guardians in file.
IP-3698 IMPROVEMENT: We Added the Suffix field to Add New Student Screen (regstudentadd.html).  This way when staff enters a new student into iPass it will allow for the suffix to be placed in the Suffix field

SIF -  We added an element to the StudentPersonal Object for  [@Name=MAFormerSection504] This will get rid of the 504 errors in SIMS.

ACTION REQUIRED: You will need to clear the SIF Temp Table and resend the StudentPersonal Object

IP-3707 SIF responses are no longer taking up CPU and Memory which was spinning servers into having WebSpeed errors

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