Drop/Restore Schedules & Withdrawal Enhancements Help Document

Enhancements Overview:

Previously, there was some difficulty in managing student schedules while also maintaining accurate class roster counts. When a student switched into a different class there was not a method to track this change without some negative side effects.  If the student was REMOVED from the class (i.e. the class schedule record deleted from the student’s schedule) then it was no longer possible to access the student’s grade information for the moved class. Also, this caused some issues when reporting student schedules for state reporting purposes. If we had instead kept the student scheduled to the class in iPass, then the student would continue to count in the class seat totals and to appear in the teacher’s gradebook which was also undesirable.

Another issue affecting seat counts was the withdrawal process. When a student was withdrawn from school they would continue to count in class rosters unless a counselor would also remove them from all classes through a separate process in the Scheduling System.

In order to better maintain class rosters and manage grades for dropped classes we have introduced some changes to iPass, the most significant of which is the ability to mark a class record as DROPPED as opposed to just REMOVING (deleting) the scheduling record.

Summary of Enhancement Requests

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Last updated: 31 Aug, 2016
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