Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180718_sync

A patch release went out on July 18, 2018 with the following corrections:

Competency Report Cards – Improvements made to performance speed to create report cards.

SIF SCS: StudentSectionEnrollment object is now sending SCS08 Course Enrollment Status code for Completed (03) when course is set to Non Graded Course = Yes.

ACTION REQUIRED: SIF Districts with Non Graded Course(s) with the Error of “SCS2390 – Student is still enrolled in class at end of year” should use Delete SIF Temp Table to clear StudentSectionEnrollment object and then use SIF Reporting > SCS > School to send SCS objects for the entire school or for individual course(s).

Discipline System > Add/Modify Discipline screen (disupdate.html) will no longer lock up when the current School Calendar includes holidays that are set outside of current school year.

Article ID: 1096
Last updated: 19 Jul, 2018
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