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Personalized Mentoring & Coaching Sessions Available

05 Sep, 2018

The Support Team is available for personalized one-on-one Mentoring for new users and outcome-based Coaching beyond the scope of typical support ticket resolution.

During a Personalized Mentoring Session a Support Team member will work one-on-one with the user to teach them about iPass features and functionality.

During a Personalized Coaching Session a Support Team member will work one-on-one with the user to help with iPass setup and walk a user through the required steps to reach the desired outcome. Coaching sessions are recommended when a district is looking to implement a new iPass feature, when a user wants someone to walk them through a process, or when a user wants help reviewing and clearing state reporting errors.

Personalized Mentoring / Coaching Options:                                                      

  • User defined topic/need
  • Fee: $185/hour, typically booked in 1-2 hour blocks

For more information email lpatton@harriscomputer.com


Districts have asked us to explain the difference between the support provided for iPass included in your maintenance agreement and the optional Personalized Mentoring & Coaching Sessions.

The Support Team provides support and guidance to users to resolve issues submitted in Support tickets. The expectation is that the user has been trained to use iPass, has consulted with the iPass specialist in their district, has consulted the self-help options in iPass Help, and has made every attempt to resolve the issue on their own. When a ticket is submitted, the Support Representative will work to resolve the issue and/or provide recommendations and suggestions to accomplish the desired outcome.

The Support Team requests that when an issue is submitted to Support that the user provide a detailed description of the issue, the steps taken to try and resolve the issue, what the user found during their own troubleshooting, and specific examples and screen shots that demonstrate what is occurring. Providing Support with findings and examples in the initial ticket submission will allow the Support Representative to start working to resolve the issue when the ticket is received.