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Harris Add-On Products for iPass

19 Apr, 2017

Add-On Products for iPass

Do you have new initiatives that may require the purchase of a third party software product? Meet with a Harris Professional Services expert and see how iPass can meet your needs. Harris School Solutions offers several third party products that are designed to integrate with iPass including:

Edsby is the most comprehensive learning and analytics software platform available for K-12. It enables personalized learning experiences and gives school districts, regional or national governments powerful, new ways to measure and improve their educational effectiveness.

  • Measure effectiveness and ensure student success in real time
  • Align practices with district policies, and
  • Engage students, parents and teachers on all of their devices
  • Seamlessly integrated with iPass!

EZSchoolEnroll allows parents to register for school enrollment through an online portal enabling districts to:

  • Centralize registration
  • Collect important DOE language survey information
  • Save clerical time by enabling parents to add/remove/update their contact and emergency contact information
  • Verify data before bringing it into your SIS
  • Fully integrate it all with iPass!

School Rush! has been recognized as one of the most innovative School Community Communication tools by District Administration Magazine. Increase parent engagement by up to 90%!

  • Mobile entry point
  • Native communication systems
  • Ease of connection with student and staff directories
  • Keep parents up to date with activity feeds and daily planners
  • Fully integrated with iPass through Clever

Email Sharon O'Connor:sjoconnor@harriscomputer.com to schedule a demo or a training session now!