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NCES and SIF Offense Type Code Mapping Recommendations - SSDR Offense and Disciplinary Action Codes

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Last updated: 08 Nov, 2018
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2017-2018 SSDR Update:

All districts reporting SSDR via SIF or Legacy must map their iPass incident codes to the new NCES Offense Type Codes. Please refer to the following steps and recommendations for mapping.

The iPass Incident codes selected in the Behavior Record must be mapped to a corresponding SIF 1049 - Incident Code and the Consequence codes selected must be mapped to a corresponding SIF 1054 - Discipline Action.

At a minimum you should map all of the Report to DOE Offense Codes (1-19) and Discipline Action Codes (1-6).

Since any iPass Incident that results in a DOE reportable consequence (ie. suspension, removal, expulsion) must be reported to the DOE, it is advised to map all iPass values used by your district. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each iPass Incident code should be mapped to only ONE SIF Value code

NOTE: After SIF Mapping is updated, SIF districts will need to send the SIF Objects for DisciplineIncident. Click here for more information.

Go to SIF Agent > SIF Table Mapping  

Go to SIF Table = 1049 – Incident Code

Note: Large districts will have the mapping table broken down by School. Be sure to map incidents at EACH School.

Select the iPASS Incident Code (for all schools) that corresponds to the SIF Code Description. 

iPass Support recommendations for mapping the MA DOE Offense Codes (1-19): *(Updated 2/16/18 - see PDF Attached)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mapping Option Changes for 2017-2018

The DESE discontinued the following codes in 2017-2018:

1800 (formerly Harrassment; Nonsexual)  *(Use 1897)
3100 (formerly Theft) *(Use 3110)
3500 (formerly Vandalism) *(Use 3510)

** Check your SIF Mapping for 1049 - Incident Codes and move the iPass Incident Code mapping to a new SIF Value. **

** Also make sure that the Offender DOE Fields > Offender Related To selection does not use one of these discontinued Offense Types. **

NCES Code/SIF Value iPass Value (Legacy MA DOE Code) SIF Description
1010 Sale of alcohol
1020 Distribution of alcohol
1030 1c - Alcohol use Drinking alcohol
1040 1b - Alcohol possession Possession of alcohol
1050 Suspicion of alcohol use
1097 Other alcohol
1100 11 - Destruction of Property due to arson Arson (Setting a Fire)
1210 Forging absence excuse
1220 Skipping class
1230 Tardiness
1240 Truancy
1297 Other attendance policy violation
1300 4 - Physical attack assault (non-sexual) Battery (Physical Attack/Harm)
1400 Burglary/Breaking and Entering (Stealing Property/Unlawful Entry)
1500 Disorderly Conduct (Disruptive Behavior)
1610 1h - Sale of illegal drugs Sale of illegal drug
1620 Sale of substance represented as an illegal drug
1630 Distribution of illegal drug
1640 Distribution of substance represented as an illegal drug
1650 1g - Illegal use of other substance Use of illegal drug
1660 1f - Possession of other illegal substance Possession of illegal drug
1670 Possession of drug paraphernalia
1680 Suspicion of use
1697 15 - Other violent or substance related offense Other drug offense
1700 2 - Physical fight Fighting (Mutual Altercation)
1800 ** DO NOT USE ** ** CHANGE 2017-2018 - DO NOT USE ** (Formerly Harassment; Nonsexual (Physical; Verbal; or Psychological))
1810 17 - Bullying Bullying
1820 Hazing
1897 Harrasment; Non-Sexual Other nonsexual harassment
1900 5 - Sexual Harassment Harassment; Sexual (Unwelcome Sexual Contact)
2000 13 - Homicide Homicide (Murder or Manslaughter)
2110 Sale of medication
2120 Distribution of medication
2130 Use of medication in violation of school rules
2140 Possession of medication in violation of school rules
2150 Suspicion of use of medication in violation of school rules
2197 Other inappropriate use of medication
2200 Insubordination (Disobedience)
2300 12 - Kidnapping Kidnapping (Abduction)
2410 Displays of affection in violation of school policy
2420 Obscene written messages
2430 Drawing obscene pictures
2440 Obscene electronic communication
2450 Obscene gestures
2460 Obscene language/profanity
2497 Other obscene behavior
2500 Physical Altercation, Minor (Pushing, Shoving)
2600 9 - Robbery using force Robbery (Taking of Things by Force)
2710 Bomb threat
2720 Fire alarm
2730 Chemical/biological threat
2740 Terroristic threat
2797 Other school threat
2800 6 - Sexual assault (including rape) Sexual Battery (Sexual Assault)
2900 Sexual Offenses, Other (Lewd Behavior, Indecent Exposure)
3010 Suicide
3020 Attempted suicide
3097 Other suicide offense
3100 ** DO NOT USE ** ** CHANGE 2017-2018 - DO NOT USE ** (Formerly Theft (Stealing personal or Other Property)
3110 7 - Theft (school staff or student property) **CHANGE 2017-2018 General theft, Person 
3120 Motor Vehicle Theft **CHANGE 2017-2018 (Formerly General theft, Other entity)
3197 Other theft
3210 3 - Threat of physical attack Physical threat
3220 Verbal threat
3230 Written threat
3240 Electronic threat
3297 Other threat
3310 Sale of tobacco
3320 Distribution of tobacco
3330 1a - Tobacco use (cigarettes cigars pipes or smokeless) Use of tobacco
3340 Possession of tobacco
3350 Suspicion of use of tobacco
3397 Other tobacco offense
3400 Trespassing (Unlawful or Unauthorized Presence)
3500 ** DO NOT USE ** ** CHANGE 2017-2018 - DO NOT USE ** (Formerly Vandalism (Damage to School or Personal Propety)
3510 10 - Vandalism/Destruction of Property **CHANGE 2017-2018 Vandalism of school property 
3520 Vandalism of personal property
3597 Other vandalism
3600 18 - Non-drug non-violent or non-criminal related offense Violation of School Rules (Disobeying School Policy)
3700 14a-14d  **BE AWARE - CHANGE 2018-2019 Weapons Possession (Firearms and Other Weapons) ** DESE indicated they are discontinuing Rifle options - iPass Support needs to confirm.
9000 Other Offenses (e.g., Forgery, Extortion)
MA01 1d - Marijuana possession Marijuana possession
MA02 1e - Marijuana use Marijuana use
MA03 1i - Possession of illegal drugs with intent to sell Possession of illegal drugs with intent to sell
MA04 8 - Threat of robbery **BE AWARE - CHANGE 2018-2019 Threat of robbery ** DESE indicated they are discontinuing this code - iPass Support needs to confirm.
MA05 16 - Felony Conviction Outside of School Felony Conviction Outside of School
MA19 19 - Felony complaint (charge) outside of school (NEW 2016-2017) Felony complaint (charge) outside of school

Go to SIF Table = 1054 – Discipline Action Code

Recommendations for mapping the MA DOE Disciplinary Action Codes (1-6):

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