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How do I send SIF data objects to the DOE and which objects do I send for each state report?

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Last updated: 12 Sep, 2017
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You can send SIF data objects for each of the state reports using SIF – Send Objects.

Prior to sending SIF Objects you should clear the SIF Temp Table.

Go to SIF Agent > SIF Delete TMP Table

  • Select the Object table that you want to clear out. Reference objects list below. ** You may select multiple objects. **
  • Submit the screen.
  • A count of the objects cleared will appear on this screen.

Then send Objects:

Go to SIF Agent > SIF – Send Objects.

Agent = State (Unless you are a regional site with additional agents in that case select the correct agent to use)

Academic Year = 2015-2016 (reporting school year)

Object = (Select the object you want to send - see list below) ** You may select multiple objects. Large districts should consider doing this during off hours or break send them by report (SIMS, SCS, EPIMS, SSDR). **

Count Only = Create Objects and Send

Action = Add  (Leave this as Add always)

For each state report send the objects listed below.


  • LEAInfo
  • SchoolInfo
  • TermInfo
  • StudentPersonal
  • StudentSchoolEnrollment

SIMS Summer Transfers

  • SummerWithdrawals-StudentPersonal
  • SummerWithdrawals-StudentEnrollment


  • LEAInfo
  • SchoolCourseInfo
  • SchoolInfo
  • SectionInfo
  • SectionMarkInfo
  • StudentSectionMarks
  • StudentSectionEnrollment
  • TermInfo


  • DisciplineIncident


  • LEAInfo
  • SchoolCourseInfo
  • EmploymentRecord
  • StaffAssignment
  • StaffSectionAssignment
  • StaffEvaluation
  • StaffPersonal

Some objects are repeated in different reports.  Example LEAInfo.  You only need to send them once. No need to send again for each report.

A report is sent to My Reports with the count of records sent for that object,

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