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Importing Student Photos

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Last updated: 02 Nov, 2017
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Step 1: Create a Harris eSupport ticket in the Tech – iPass Software Package category requesting assistance to upload photos to your site.

You no longer mail us your photo disks. Submit a Harris eSupport ticket requesting us to upload photos to your site. The Tech Team will contact you with directions and the Harris secure FTP  location to upload your photos to. The Tech Team will then upload the photos to your site. More information on Harris eSupport can be found in iPASS Help > Technical Support FAQ > Are there guidelines for entering a Harris eSupport Ticket?

  •  Photos are to be named StudentID.jpg and be 85 x 115 pixels in size. SASID or LASID can also be used.
  • .jpg or .gif both upper and lower case are acceptable.

Note: The case used should be the same for all photos and will be used in Step 2 when assigning the photos to the picture field.

Step 2: After photos are uploaded to your site you will need to run Assign ID's to Picture Field.

Go to Biographical > Maintenance - Biographical > Assign ID's to Picture Field.

  • Grade Levels: Select the Grade Levels of the students you wish to assign photos for.
  • Override if Exists: Select YES or NO. Yes will overwrite last year's student photos. Choose Yes to assign new images each year.
  • File Prefix: Select the file prefix for the file you are importing. (Student ID, LASID or SASID for Students or Staff ID)
  • File Extension: Select the file extension for the file you are importing, mindful of the upper or lower case extensions. (JPG vs jpg)
  • Submit: Click the Submit button to submit additions or changes to the table.
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