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MA DESE Resource: SSDR Validation Rules Error List & SSDR Appendixes (April 2018)

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2018
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For your refence we have posted documentation from the Massachusetts DESE regarding the School Safety and Discipline (SSDR) validation error list.

** Refer to attached document. **

The document is intended to assist you in diagnosing and fixing validation errors by expanding on the messages returned by the data collection system.  The validations are ordered sequentially throughout the book and within that ordering they are grouped by SIF object and one of the data elements affected.  The grouping is designed to keep like elements together; the reference to the SIF object may or may not be relevant to the error you may experience.

The number range for each group is intended to be consistent across four data collection applications, SIMS, SCS, EPIMS and SSDR.

Appendix A: Cross-reference between new and old error numbers.

Appendix B: List of Offense Codes (NCES) and if the code requires victims be reported, a description is required, or physical injury must be reported. For further discussion of offense codes and when they should be reported see: https://nces.ed.gov/pubs2002/2002312.pdf

Appendix C: Program Status Codes (1-2), Disciplinary Action Codes (1-6), Alternative Education Provided Codes (1-8), Alternative Education Not Provided Codes (1-7)

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