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document I know that I have registered a student but I cannot find the student in the database?
 It is possible that you did not create an enrollment record. Go to <Biographical System> <Add/Modify Student> select the student...
13 Jul, 2009
document I promoted all of my students at the end of the year, but not all of them went to the correct grade level. What happened?
This is caused when someone sets the Next Year Grade Level on the individual student profile screen to something other than what is defined in your...
04 Aug, 2009
document I've enrolled all of my students for the first day of school, but all of their records say "error" under the enrollment. What did I do wrong?
Check the following: Is the School Calendar set up for the new school year? Go to Attendance System > Maintenance – Attendance >...
31 Aug, 2016
document Is there a report I can run this school year to show students Next Home Room for the new school year?
Yes. The Next Years Homeroom query. We have recently uploaded this query to iPASS Help for you to download and import into your iPASS site. ...
11 Jun, 2015
document Missing or Blank Report Cards
Q. Why is a student’s report card missing or blank when I run report cards? A. At least one parent for the student has to have their...
26 Jan, 2015
document We use Microsoft Office 365 Outlook email, what do users have to set up to email from iPASS? (ie. Email Class, email individual parents or students)?
The iPASS user must enter their email Username (email address) and email Password into their My Data > My Preferences > Email Settings....
28 Apr, 2016
document What are the recommended parameters to select when running the Bio Verification Report?
The recomendations below are for the Sync verision of iPass (7.020160825_sync or later): Bio Verification Report – Recommended Parameter...
04 Aug, 2017
document What date do I use to graduate seniors?
Any date on or before the last day of school. Many districts will use the actual date of the graduation ceremony. This date will print on the...
03 Jun, 2015
document What do I do with students that are not returning for the new school year?
These students are referred to as “summer transfers” and must have a Withdrawal record added. Identify these students. Remove any...
20 Aug, 2015
document What do you need to do in iPass when a student enrolled as “School Choice” changes mid-year to “Resident” (or vice versa)?
IMPORTANT UPDATE: If a school is configured to “Automatically Drop Schedule on Withdrawal” the user must select the checkbox for “Retain...
21 Feb, 2017
document What settings should I use to Mass Enroll students that are new to our district this year?
The Mass Enroll program will allow you to enroll one or more students with the same enrollment codes. You do not use the Copy option for...
20 Aug, 2015
document What settings should I use to Mass Enroll/Re-Enroll students that were enrolled the previous year?
The Mass Enroll program will allow you to enroll one or more students. Go to Biographical System > Mass Enroll. You can copy...
20 Aug, 2015
document When I enroll a new student, does iPass automatically create a LASID for them?
Yes. It will be the same as their  iPass student ID with your school district prefix automatically attached. You can modify the LASID after it's...
26 Aug, 2009
document When is the best time to code summer withdrawal students?
We recommend the following steps be followed before/after state reporting is completed: Any time/Before state reporting is complete: ...
17 Jun, 2016
document Where do I enter DOE032 Sped Placement codes for 3-5 year olds?
iPASS requires you to enter ALL Sped Placement codes, regardless of the age group, into the DOE034 field on the Confidential or MA DOE...
15 Apr, 2015
document Where do I store my student images file so that the pictures can be seen in profile screens? The database server or the web server?
Student image files should always be stored on your database server.
29 Sep, 2010
document Why are my reports showing ?? for process date?
You need to have your database administrator start new report processors in System Configuration> Report Process.
13 Jul, 2009
document Why didn't a parent receive an email from iPass?
Q. Why didn’t a parent receive email sent from iPASS when they have an email address in their Guardian Record? A. In order for a...
26 Jan, 2015
document Why won't the student stay set to 'Report to DOE' = Yes?
iPASS is now validating the SASID number format. The Sync version of iPASS, designed for SIF data transmission, will NO LONGER allow a student...
25 May, 2016
document Why won’t the student stay set to Report to DOE = Yes on the student’s MA DOE screen?
iPASS validates the SASID number format. The Sync version of iPASS, designed for SIF data transmission, will NO LONGER allow a student to be...
30 Jun, 2016

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